Do People Ever Tell the Truth About Their Sex Lives?

Sex lives

There was this tall, dark, and handsome man who said that he doesn’t drink, smoke, gamble, or play around – and that he never lies. To deny that we lie does happen. As honest as we try to be, there are some things that we keep to ourselves. If anyone has ever told you that they don’t ever lie, you might not want to believe them.

There was this good-looking young man who presented himself to a woman so that they can go sex dating. He said that she would have the best time of her life. When they made out, he came right away. She told him that he promised her to have the best time ever. He smiled and said that he lied. Some men will say anything to get in between a woman’s legs, but that is no longer necessary as there are adult dating apps like

We can’t tell the truth all the time. There are many things that we must keep private. There are those gossips that try to make us tell the truth so they can have something to gnaw on. There are the rumor-mongers that go spread exaggerated reports of what we are doing.  

There is something beautiful about keeping things such as our sex life as private as possible. We are not Hollywood stars that have the Paparazzi following our every move. If we don’t make a status update or share pictures on Facebook, no one on that social networking site will know what we are doing. The same applies to what we say about ourselves to other people – you cannot say everything to everyone. 

Even if you have a close relationship with someone, there are things that you withhold. Many people prefer to keep quiet about their dirty laundry or the problems that they are going through. It is best to be selective about what we share and with whom we share information. 

People lie about their sex life due to those reasons and more. If you don’t want to be lied to, then ask no questions about such a sensitive topic. The person might be protecting themselves or their partner. It also might be wise to keep out of other people’s business, as sometimes, the less you know, the better it is for you.

Most people on sex dating apps lie about their age. Since what is offered is no strings attached dating, those who are older will make themselves be younger. There are also those who are not yet of age that will make themselves be older so that they can join an adult dating website.

Older people lie about their age as there is a fixation to be younger. It is a common perception that they can get those a lot less younger than them as a sex mate. Some older men do not want to hookup with women of the same age bracket, as they prefer a hot young body.

The dating reality is that a lot of people do lie, even if it is about minor details. If there is a chance for a hookup, a man might deny that he is married which is a major detail. However, when it comes to getting laid by using apps for sex dates, there is no need to ask those questions as there isn’t going to be an emotional attachment.